I finished reading Season of Decay by M.W. Garza and ….

download-1…It’s amazing!!!

“Our world decayed and a new world arose from the ashes of the old.

The Canaan tribe formed from the ruins of their oppressors, struggling to build a new world for themselves, challenged by the rise of a threat within and a familiar foe at their doorstep.

Mia’s position among the tribe has put her at odds with Rowan and their former way of life. Rowan is determined to strike out on his own, but his loyalty to Mia has become a constant battle. The lives of all the members of the Canaan tribe hang in the balance as the council struggles with a path forward. A horde of the dead push toward Canaan driven by the infected, and Mia must choose between the people she loves and the tribe she has sworn to protect.

Evolution always finds a way…” M. W. Garza

Season of Decay is the second instalment in the Decaying World Saga, and boy, it did deliver! It is already known that Garza is one of my favourite authors of apocalyptic/zombie books. He nails the storytelling, enough actions to make your knees weak, politics, and at the centre of it all: the human condition. This is what makes me come back to Garza time and time again: the human condition present in his books, characters that live through each word he writes. The apocalypse, the zombies, everything else is the scene in which he pushes his characters to act, think, live, and that’s what makes it so good.

For someone that particularly enjoys reading books that are not in a series, Season of Decay managed to keep me enthralled. Like in the first book, his characters are the ones that pull me into his stories as I am investing a lot of emotions into their existence. During this Season of Decay, Mia fell off my graces due to her whinier than usual behaviour and let herself be comforted way to often by Ashen, whilst Rowan was riskingi_heart_zombies_ani_400 his skin with the others, but very impressed with the evolution of Jonah, her brother. Although young and inexperienced, Jonah transitions to a character that it is willing to step to the next level, and although he is afraid, he is never afraid to act, regardless of the cost to his own self. Rowan is hands down my favourite character, as in my eyes he is the one who stayed true to his self, unflinching and unmovable whilst i_love_rowan_bumper_sticker-r718b119609994bbcb0062e576e803d20_v9wht_8byvr_324everything he knew changed, including the woman he loves. His struggles and desires are real and my heart goes to him throughout the story.

The descriptions are so vivid, that I was heart and soul with the characters in their need to escape death.  The action scenes were artfully painted, so it felt like I was there, side by side with Rowan (by now my favourite character) doing some pretty badass stuff. At some point during an intense scene, I psychically flinched, it was that good!

newzombietagIn terms of the Zombies, I didn’t thought that it was possible to be pleasantly surprised, however Garza nailed this too with the maddening combo between the normal, slow flesh eating Zombies, and the Infected. The plot thickens, with new revelations coming up ahead, however I will not be spoiling this for you.

If you read his book, let me know in the comments down below, if you haven’t, I suggest you read it ASAP!


Tribes of Decay by Michael W. Garza


Book cover

Evolution results in death and destruction. Mia and Rowan are members of the Chayenne tribe surviving in a decaying world ruled by the zombies and the infected. They were born in a world already dead, a world where death cries every night, where each step can be fatal and nobody is spared.

When I began reading this novel, I was surprised from the begging in a very good way. I am a zombie fan, I would devour anything with zombies in it, but I knew it was more than just zombies, it was about humans, about feelings, about how you survive death without losing your humanity.

Mia and Rowan are the main characters and we see the world alternating between the two. At the beginning of the story, Mia and Rowan are trying to overcome the obstacles that keep them from being together. After a hunt goes wrong and his partner is killed, Rowan discovers that the dead are evolving in their behaviours. He tries to warn the tribe, however he is expelled from their protection and forces Mia to run away from the tribe to be with him. These characters are credible and grow immensely in the outside world, forcing them to take hard decisions in order to survive. The choices these characters are forced to make propel the story forward, delivering an action packed novel.

The zombies are very well created, with a clear distinction between the mindless zombie and the infected, which possess more cognition and abilities to communicate with zombie-784914_1280each other. The zombies/infected were exciting and freaked the hell out of me with their death cries every single damn time. I loved it!

Without spoiling the book is really hard to actually say how much I loved the world underneath and how survival changed those who remained alive. The story of Rowan and Mia is beautiful, and it shows that even in the face of death, the beauty of humanity can still shine through, restoring hope. The story was well written and it delivered, even though sometimes it lost me in the action sequences when everything was happening at a fast pace. Certain action scenes were a bit too much described in terms of how they actually managed to escape. I’am a bit of an impatient reader who wants to know and wants to know it now, so maybe that’s why, however it did not infringe on my opinion of the book: AWESOME! I am not a massive fan of dual POV’s but he made it work in this book.

If you haven’t read anything written by Michael, I recommend that you do.




An unsuitable job for a woman by P. D. James – book review

Soon after dropping out of university, Mark Challender was found hanging from the ceiling, faint traces of lipstick on his lips. Pryde Agency is hired by his father, a renown scientist, to find out what led 365307.jpghim to suicide, however the private investigator, Cordelia Grey, finds the scent of murder. Her Agency partner agency killed himself, leaving her the business so it is up to Cordelia to undertake such’An unsuitable job for a woman’ and find the truth.

Cordelia Gray is by no means a formidable character, she doesn’t invite the reader to care for her a great deal, much like her interaction with the other characters. She is quite shy and unsure of herself, however, as the story progresses and she slowly find validation, her strength comes shining
through. The deeper she goes into this case, the more she discovers about herself, realising that in fact she is a very suitable woman for this job, drawing upon her skills and wit hqdefaultto discover the truth. This is the side of her that I admired, that against all odds and doubts, she gets the job done. Character interaction was a bit too stiff and bleak, giving the impression that characters did not give a damn about each other, nobody felt insulted or outraged.


The plot was ok, kept the reader curious as to what really happened almost until the end – red-herringI figured out the ‘Why dunnit’ and ‘Who dunnit’ soon after she discusses with Nanny Pilbeam. In fairness, I was not that impressed with the ‘Why’ and the ‘How’, but I did like the red herrings thrown about and how it all tied up nicely together. The writing style was excessively flowery, highlighting details that had no meaning or purpose for the story or its characters – more often than not skipped meaningless passages about the table cloth and furnishing arrangements.

Dislikes: 1. The time period when the novel took place was never mentioned and I assumed, due to the dated dialogue, that the events took place about 30 years earlier than it did!

2. The end – I didn’t like that Cordelia broke character for someone that she did not even like, or admire! Major faux pas! I did not like the ending at all and, try as I might, I could not find any justification or inclination as to why uDNqsKsshe did it.

3. I was also annoyed that after the truth is discovered, characters suddenly come forward to Cordelia to fill her in with details that she didn’t stand a chance of finding out otherwise! Really?! Facepalm!

Therefore, I am ….





PS: I do appreciate that the story was published in 1972, and it might have appealed more to the readers at the time, however I was born in ’89!




Brexit happened

This morning it became official that the majority of the UK population decided that coming out of the EU 2d7c08db-9d87-43ce-921f-513acca86f7e-2060x1236was better than staying in. Now this might be a good thing or a very bad thing, however what matters is make this transition a smooth one and something good and positive will come out of it.

I think it is a lot of fear, uncertainty and perhaps some panic going on at the moment, but I trust that everything will be OK one way or another. Not knowing what and how will happen is painful and this worries people the most. I choose to believe that the people leading Britain will do the best for all the people living and working in Britain. I am an immigrant myself and I have no clue what will happen next, how this will affect my work and my life, but I’ll take it one thing at a time. This is here, upon us, and it is up to us on what we make out of it, on how we cope with it no matter what camp we find ourselves in. Yes, some will be gutted, some elated, but no matter the feelings, the result is the same and the consequences of our actions are, from now one, even more important. This new stage will definitely be a very interesting one and I do hope that all the odds, or at least some of them, will be in our favour!

Life after Life by Kate Atkinson


Uk cover edition

This book started boldly, with the attempt assassination of Hitler, then it goes back to February 1910 with the birth of Ursula. It is hard to talk about this book without spoiling some of the surprise and at the same time confusion (in which the reader will surely find themselves in) so I do apologise for this in advance, but there is no way around it. The story focuses on Ursula which becomes a peculiar character as every time she dies, and she dies a lot!,  she comes back to life. However strangely, she does not simply heal or magically `puff` into life, but time goes back for her to alter the course of her life, usually by changing small details. I loved this idea and the symbolism behind this (if I could applaud in writing, I would, instead I’ll put a little picture).  It was like video games where you can go to the last save before the hero dies and restart. At the same time, it was enchanting to see how insignificant details are more significant in our life than we would ever think of – this is where this book scores some points.

However, for me, stories focusing into the life of a character and his character’s interaction with other characters, no matter how beautifully written, it does not grip me enough especially if nothing of consequence happens (and until pg 152 it doesn’t except dying at least 6 times!), and it really doesn’t make me care about a character just because it die a lot. I would blame for this sin the constant time jumping and life alteration combined with seeing the story from multiple characters perspectives (with advantages and disadvantages). I remember enjoying going through different times in `The time traveller’s wife`by Audrey Niffenegger, so I would say that in `Life after life` I missed the adventure and curiosity to where this would lead.

After the big opening, which felt so final to me, going through a different pace with the life and deaths of Ursula it did not excite me as much. I felt slightly deceived by the writer as well when I was mislead into thinking that something of consequence will happen between Sylvia and George, so I sin this too. I wasn’t gripped enough, it missed some intent and intrigue, drama, anything to make Ursula more interesting (except dying and resuming from last save!) and the lives of those around her more appealing to my taste. Just the narrative, although beautiful, it did not hold enough appeal to continue reading after page 152 as much as I was curious about how and how many times she’ll die.

I loved the idea of this book and I love the set-up for it, the narrative was stunning, good choice of words, but I do have mixed feelings about it which is why I will not finish reading it as I don’t really want to know what happens further with Ursula. She might lead a more interesting life (which I think she will judging by other people’s opinions), but the book failed to convey that to me soon enough and that got me bored. Again, jumping around characters to tell the story was good in terms of understanding the characters and their motivations deeper, but at the same time it was quite disruptive to find myself in the head of someone who I didn’t meet before in the book and it is suddenly introduced when needed (Deux-ex-machina much?!), for example the beach scene with the guy painting (?) who intervenes. As much as I liked most of the time the feeling of the writer directly changing events, this sort of intervention with unknown characters felt a lot like cheating to me, so another sin.

This book had interesting characters, interesting story line in terms of altering events to change outcome, different POV’s to offer details and depth to the story, and a good back backdrop into how life was during the War, however the pace, the lack of action  and even frustration with certain elements of the story played a huge role into not finishing this story. As I said before, I really didn’t want to know Ursula more as I was not invested into her characters, to be frank, I didn’t care about her, although her deaths were interesting to read, but I couldn’t wait 600 pages to find out what put her in front of Hitler to attempt the assassination. In my opinion, this story should’ve had something going on in the first 100 pages instead of a restart of her life when she was a toddler. I am interested in the life of a fictional toddler as I am interested in how long a piece of string is. For me it is harder to relate, and by the time she grew up old enough to do something interesting, I got bored and put it down.



Suicide Squad new trailer looks Amazeballs!

Behold awesomeness and what I think it will be the sexiest movie this year! I absolutely love what I am seeing so far, the cast is amazing, the lines really seem to fit the characters without being cheesy and I am sooo excited for this that I can barely keep still.

This movie seems to have it all: atypical heroes, potential for a really dark and gripping storyline, and most importantly… A NEW JOKER! Are you joking me?!!! This is awesome!!! Plus that, I will definitely enjoy watching on the big screen my all time favourite female villain: Harley fucking Quinn! Forget about Wonder Woman in `Batmas vs Superman`, we’ll have Harley! Omg, I need more exclamations marks in here!!!!