A scream and a splash

She knew she shouldn’t be looking through old pictures and reading old pages from her diary when the days were happier and not so lonely, but she couldn’t help it. It was as if someone was guiding her though this path of thorns and tears.

Nothing would’ve revealed that the end of this day would feel so lonely and miserable. It started out well, with a few energizing exercises in the morning and a nice breakfast alone in the kitchen; later than usual, but she wanted to make sure that everything was in order after everybody left. Then she read and looked outside though the window, not yet daring to go out. She knew it was silly to be afraid to go out; it was just a new town with people in it just like in the previous towns.

But after the night fell, a sort of sadness coiled around her almost like a snake. it became harder to breathe, to think and she was alone. The darkness slowly eased its way into her mind, twisting everything into an evil knot. The edge was close. One step further, one more breath and the fall would break the silence with a scream and a splash.

But what if…

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