I finished reading Season of Decay by M.W. Garza and ….

download-1…It’s amazing!!!

“Our world decayed and a new world arose from the ashes of the old.

The Canaan tribe formed from the ruins of their oppressors, struggling to build a new world for themselves, challenged by the rise of a threat within and a familiar foe at their doorstep.

Mia’s position among the tribe has put her at odds with Rowan and their former way of life. Rowan is determined to strike out on his own, but his loyalty to Mia has become a constant battle. The lives of all the members of the Canaan tribe hang in the balance as the council struggles with a path forward. A horde of the dead push toward Canaan driven by the infected, and Mia must choose between the people she loves and the tribe she has sworn to protect.

Evolution always finds a way…” M. W. Garza

Season of Decay is the second instalment in the Decaying World Saga, and boy, it did deliver! It is already known that Garza is one of my favourite authors of apocalyptic/zombie books. He nails the storytelling, enough actions to make your knees weak, politics, and at the centre of it all: the human condition. This is what makes me come back to Garza time and time again: the human condition present in his books, characters that live through each word he writes. The apocalypse, the zombies, everything else is the scene in which he pushes his characters to act, think, live, and that’s what makes it so good.

For someone that particularly enjoys reading books that are not in a series, Season of Decay managed to keep me enthralled. Like in the first book, his characters are the ones that pull me into his stories as I am investing a lot of emotions into their existence. During this Season of Decay, Mia fell off my graces due to her whinier than usual behaviour and let herself be comforted way to often by Ashen, whilst Rowan was riskingi_heart_zombies_ani_400 his skin with the others, but very impressed with the evolution of Jonah, her brother. Although young and inexperienced, Jonah transitions to a character that it is willing to step to the next level, and although he is afraid, he is never afraid to act, regardless of the cost to his own self. Rowan is hands down my favourite character, as in my eyes he is the one who stayed true to his self, unflinching and unmovable whilst i_love_rowan_bumper_sticker-r718b119609994bbcb0062e576e803d20_v9wht_8byvr_324everything he knew changed, including the woman he loves. His struggles and desires are real and my heart goes to him throughout the story.

The descriptions are so vivid, that I was heart and soul with the characters in their need to escape death.  The action scenes were artfully painted, so it felt like I was there, side by side with Rowan (by now my favourite character) doing some pretty badass stuff. At some point during an intense scene, I psychically flinched, it was that good!

newzombietagIn terms of the Zombies, I didn’t thought that it was possible to be pleasantly surprised, however Garza nailed this too with the maddening combo between the normal, slow flesh eating Zombies, and the Infected. The plot thickens, with new revelations coming up ahead, however I will not be spoiling this for you.

If you read his book, let me know in the comments down below, if you haven’t, I suggest you read it ASAP!


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