Top 5 Wednesday: Forgettable Books

Hey guys! I am going to do something new every week and that is: Top 5 Wednesday and following prompts given; click here if you want to know more!

January 17th: Forgettable Books
–Whether you loved or hated them at the time, these are books that you just don’t really remember…

33958974Unbounded by Teyla Branton.

I remember that I really loved the cover and I think it’s urban fantasy, but for the life of me I cannot remember the plot or what it was about and I only read it like last year! How bad is that?!

I even gave this one 4 stars! Why am I not remembering this?!


25596872.jpgThe Witch Hunter (The Witch Hunter Saga #1) Nicole R. Taylor

Another book that I cannot remember for the life of me what’s about. A quick peek on Goodreads, and it seems it’s with  vampire and a witch and love surely happens, but I cannot even remember how this ends. What the hell? I know I read this. I even gave it 3 stars… Odd!


Hunted Holiday (Bureau of Paranormal Investigation #1)

I sense some sort of a pattern here because I cannot remember nothing from this urban fantasy either! Are they so forgettable? Must be, because I only know it’s a vampire romance because it says on the cover! That’s ridiculous.

17331698Forever Charmed (Halloween LaVeau #1) by Rose Pressey

This one is not too bad because I vaguely remember it being about witches (although the cover is a major spoiler) and a cutsey romance (again the cover). Don’t remember much about it. Actually.. at all.

*gave this one 2 stars so no wonder…*

8167001.jpgZombie Fallout (Zombie Fallout #1) by Mark Tufo

Not hard to remember that it’s with zombies, but whatever happens in it is as much of a mystery to me as it is to you. I know I gave it 3 stars, so I must’ve liked it, but I cannot remember what I likes. Damn!

… and I love zombie books!

That’s it for today guys! Hope you enjoyed my list! What are some of the books you have forgotten what they were about? Let me know in the comments down below!

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