#BookReview: Why I didn’t like Everless by Sara Holland

I have decided in 2019 that if I am not invested in a story and just wishing it would end so I can read something else, I will not continue reading it, aka DNF-ing it. My time at the moment is so precious (sic!) that I do not have time to waste on stories which do not captivate me even remotely.

Genre: ya fantasy
Year Of Publication: January 2018
Publisher: Orchard Books
Pages: 361
My rating: DNF

And unfortunately for Everless, there was nothing anchoring me to the story. I found the premise quite interesting as there aren’t that many books dealing with the subject of time in such an interesting way however, I soon realised that the focus of the story was the main character and her boring internal monologue. I knew from the start that it would rely heavily on romance and the usual YA tropes, but I continued to read, hoping it would get better. I got to page 100 when I realised that I knew the ending, I knew that would happen from A to B to C because it was THAT predictable. And you know what? I was right! Skipped to the end of the book, backtracked a little and … surprise, surprise… I was right.

So why I did not like it:

  • bland, boring and predictable characters (could also add formulaic, basic, annoying)
  • miscommunication as a plot device – one of the only tropes that sends me raging
  • unnecessary drama which made it feel like there was a plot but in fact there was no plot
  • makes no sense most of the time and sent me raging (again)
  • don’t even get me started on the romance: “I did it to protect you”… Well, f*ck you!
  • 0 emotional investment in this story! ZERO! Can’t get behind a romance when as a reader I am not “courted”.

Although I did not enjoy it and DNF-ed it, I do not think it is a horrible book and that I hate it (although it looks suspiciously like so), but it just was not for me. Maybe 15 year old me would have enjoyed it, but I wanted something more. What I did enjoy, was the concept and it is a shame it was not executed at the standards that I was expecting/wanting/needing.

Have you read it? What did you think?


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