#BookReview: We are blood and thunder by Kesia Lupo | @BloomsburyBooks

Today I wanna talk about We are blood and thunder by Kesia Lupo which was sent by Bloomsbury to which I am very grateful. I swear that I am reading faster than I can write these reviews because I am having a huge backlog yet again and I thought I cleared out a lot of them. *sigh*

Genre: ya fantasy
Year Of Publication: April 2019
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Pages: 400
My rating: 3.5 – 4 stars

“She who spins the cloud weaves the storm.”

1970-01-01 01.00.00 16.jpg
IG: Jane_Kelsey

We are blood and thunder follows Constance and Lena, two female characters at opposite ends, both united by the terrifying storm cloud hovering over the dukedom which has already claimed the lives of many. As conflict climaxes and hidden enemies emerge, Constance and Lena need each other to uncover the secrets and save their people from this deadly spell.

When I saw this novel I knew I wanted to read it because it has all the ingredients that I like: fantasy + female characters + magic + world in peril + some romance. If you’re interested so far, keep on reading this…

The story follows Lena as she is trying to escape the dukedom after she was sentenced to death for being suspected of having magical powers, whilst Constance is trying to find a giphyway back into the city to set some wrongs right and finally become who she was meant to me, not holding back. Initially I enjoyed more of Lena’s perspective and was almost scared to read Constance’s story because political intrigues seem to give me some anxiety (I kid you not!), but I ended up loving the moments with Constance more, and her strong leadership rather than Lena’s who became a little bit too… self-doubting for a while. I’m a bit of a cut-to-the-chase kinda girl and accept-your-fate-damn-it, so these moments when Lena learns a thing or two at the temple I was a bit meh about. Things to pick up so not all is lost and I loved reading from their perspectives, following their stories.

The writing was the true strength of this novel. Kesia has a way with words and it sucked me right in. The descriptions are beautifully written, yet simple enough not to appear overdone and felt natural. This is an author that I will defo be keeping my eyes peeled to see what she will do next because there is great potential. All this being said, I had a few issues with the pacing, the beginning was a bit too slow for me; it picks up the pace midway. Maybe it’s my fault because I am a bit of an impatient reader… I want it and I want it now. Lol. The plot twists were twisty enough for me (obviously not gonna spoil and tell you, buy the book!), but the magical system was kinda confusing for me and I wasn’t very clear on what was going on sometimes and I feel like I wanted just a little bit more.

43181177Overall, I very much ended up enjoying it, as I said it picked up in pacing midway and more things started to happen so I was a lot more hooked in. I dropped a star or so because of the above mentioned, but that’s me and my opinion.

Let me know if this is something you guys are interested or if you’ve read it, what did you think?



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