Fading Starlight (The Starless Series Book 2) by Samantha Heuwagen | #Bookreview

Oh my goodness, I have been waiting a year for the sequel of Dawn among the stars by Samantha Heuwagen and now I have it! So only if you’ve been living among the rock you don’t know that Dawn among the stars was a favorite scifi-romance of mine, so needless to say Fading starlight did not disappoint, but without further ado, let’s get into it! πŸ’–

Genre: sci-fi, romance
Year Of Publication: 17 June 2019
Publisher: Trifecta Publishing
Pages: 341
My rating: 4 stars
**Copy gifted to review – opinions my own**

“Even the stars mourn . . .
Earth is but a shadow of itself as three Humans begin to pick up the pieces of war-torn Earth and their shattered lives.”

Fading starlight follows Kayin, Henry and Melissa as they struggle to cope with the “new reality” and survive in a different world. It does pick up from where Dawn among the stars has left off so you do need to read that one first and I am so happy that the novel started with Kayin and my favourite La’Mursian, the hot shot alien prince πŸ’–. I shipped those two so hard in the first book and it was great to see them grow and find their paths in the alien planet. Henry and Melissa on the other hand, try to survive on earth and navigate through their personal problems and trying to survive. Out of the three story lines, Henry was the one that I kinda struggled to connect with because I did not like him that much.

It is hard to talk about the sequel without spoiling the first book, but basically Samantha did it again and made me fall in love with the characters all over again. The romance was well done and I love how her experience as a therapist and mental health worker shines through, bringing up topics surrounding mental health, trauma and sexual assault, and I thought these were dealt with really well, not just glossed over and moving on.

I am super excited for book 3 which hopefully it will come out next year – fingers crossed as I NEED TO KNOW HOW IT ENDS (I am assuming it’s a trilogy).πŸ’–

Have you read the first book in the series?

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