Dark Blade (Whispers of the Gods #1) by Steve Feasey | #BookReview

I have been away for far too long again, but I had so many things to organise and deal with recently I’ve had no time or energy, but the coast is a bit clearer so here I am with another review for this AWESOME book that is DARK BLADE by Steve Feasy.

If you like stories about magic, dark plots, adventure and sword fighting… this is the novel for you, so keep on reading.

Genre: YA fantasy
Year Of Publication: July 2019
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Pages: 352
My rating: 4 stars

Thank you Bloomsbury sending a review copy

Lann knows nothing of his mysterious past, but by his fifteenth birthday he will come face to face with destiny. For Lann must wield the Dreadblade, an ancient sword forged to defeat terrible monsters.
Across the mountains a King has been murdered. His daughter, Astrid, is a warrior with no desire to bear the crown. Only she can uncover her father’s killer before her brother is framed for the crime.
Evil is stirring. Lann and Astrid are the kingdom’s last defence. Together, they must face the greatest darkness their world has ever known.”

I absolutely loved this book and I am so thankful to Bloomsbury for sending my a copy for review.

One way to describe this book is as fun adventure, there was always something happening, the characters were interesting and the writing was uncomplicated and easy to read. I really appreciated how uncomplicated the names were as I get very easily confused in epic fantasies.

The chapters were really short and to the point and I really appreciated that as it made it a fast paced reading experience and I was there on the page, unable to put it down, wanting to read more. Both Lann and Astrid were by far my favourite characters, easy to relate to and so very fierce in their determination to set right to wrong. Lann’s journey starts with self-discovery and dormant potential, and once he gets the Deathblade I was swooning because I loved the idea so much. Astrid reminded me a bit of Merrida because she was so fierce and loyal to her family, and wanted to do right by her people. The characters were well constructed and felt invested in their fates; needless to say I really hated the bad guy for what he’s done, but at the same time could see what made him like that.

The writing was smooth, easy to read and overall engaging. Although the novel is set-up with political intrigues, somehow I did not feel my usual anxiety when reading it and really enjoyed myself. I am really impressed with how much it happened in 350 pages and how well it was written; also, there is a map!!!

Really loved the How to train your dragon vibes and the nods towards Norse mythology and classic fantasy. This books is great for younger readers or for those who want to start a journey into fantasy, as well as seasoned fantasy readers.

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