First in the Fight: 20 Women Who Made Manchester | #booktour #LoveBooksGroup

Where did time fly? Somehow I sneezed and it’s the 22nd of December. When my husband told me, my jaw fell on the floor, not only because it’s almost Christmas and I am not fully prepared, but also because I am missed my tour stop date. Better late then never though with a review for a very important book. I rarely read non-fiction, but I was thoroughly glued to this one.

Genre: Non-Fiction
Year Of Publication: November 2019
Pages: 150
My rating: 4.5 stars

Thank you Dark Room Tours & iNostalgia for sending a review copy

First in the Fight talks about the twenty women who left their mark on the city of Manchester, women who have been remarkable in their own way. These are famous women, women who have almost been forgotten, but most importantly these are women who made a different in their time and I loved reading their stories.

The book also discusses in quite some detail how the Emmeline Pankhurst statue was raised and fundaraised for, with the official unveiling in St Peters Square in Manchester on the 14 December 2018.

In terms of the physical presentation, this book is stunning, with glossy, coloured pages and it’s perfect on my coffee table. I could tell there was a lot of attention to detail and the authors’ passion when discussing this subject, doing it justice. It is clear that a lot of time, effort and research went into his book and I recommend you pick it up and read it.

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