Virgin River by Robyn Carr | #BookReview

If you want to read an authentic, heartwarming medical romance, this is the book for you. There are sexy scenes in it, but Virgin River is not the usual romance I expect from Mills and Boon and I love it!

Genre: Medial Romance
Year Of Publication: December 2019
Publisher: Mills and Boon
Pages: 432
My rating: 4 stars

“People belong wherever they feel good. It can be a lot of different places. For a lot of different reasons.”

 Robyn Carr, Virgin River

Melinda is a moving to the remote countryside to escape the heartbreak of her husband’s murder, but nothing is that she expected. The rent free cosy cottage is a complete dump and nothing is what she expected, however the sudden abandonment of a baby pulls at her heartstrings and decides to stay for a little while to help. I really like Mel even when I did not agree with her thought process, i could see how others would think that way. She had been through a lot and her character growth was so sweet and sincere, I wanted to giver her a hug at the end.

Jack is an army vet and the owner of the local pub, with plenty of demons in his closet. I knew from the beginning he would be a hot cinnamon bun, and I was right! Watching them fall in love, was amazing.

Although we follow Mel’s journey, we get to know the other characters quite well and the struggles they’re going through, and so, Virgin River felt to me like a living, breathing place that I could easily think it exists.

The novel is character-focused rather than plot-focused, however there is plenty of drama and action when needed, but overall a slower paced novel, but I didn’t mind this. I am normally liking fast-paced novels, but this novel felt like a warm hug.

Why not 4 stars? Well, there were a few decision that bothered me which the characters made which I will not mention it as it will spoil the novel. Overall though, I really enjoyed it. I cannot wait to see how Netflix adapted this!

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2 thoughts on “Virgin River by Robyn Carr | #BookReview

  1. I’ve seen a couple of people talking about this book. I love small town romances so I feel like I would really love this. I also want to read it before I watch the Netflix show!


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