How I rate books

Key aspects that I consider then rating a book:

Characters – Do I know enough about the characters? Am I invested in what happens to the main and secondary characters? Is there character development? Do they act in line with their character profile? Why not?

World building – Do I understand the world where the characters live? Am I “sucked into” their world? Does the world make sense (especially for Fantasy & Scifi)?

Writing style – Is the writing in tune with the tone of the book? Is it easy/hard to follow? Overusing clichés? Is it supporting the characters and plot?

Plot – Is there a plot and does it make sense? Does the story flow (not too fast, not too slow, or dragging in the middle)? Is the plot simple or complex?

Hook – Does it keep me invested and immersed into the story?

Logic – Does the story make sense? Do characters act according to their profile? Does it follow the rules of the world? If there are anomalies, do we know why?

Enjoyment – Did it give me satisfaction reading it? Was it fun, relaxing, gripping, etc?

After careful consideration, I arrive to the following 5 stars rating:
0 ⭐ – DNF
1⭐ – Struggled to finish the book, don’t know why I finished it!
1.5 ⭐ – Struggled to read it, however for some strange reason I was curious of what happened
2 ⭐ – It was more irritating than rewarding, had issues, but it didn’t kill me to finish reading it.
2.5 ⭐ – Passable, but not quite hitting the mark…
3 ⭐ – I liked it, it was either good nor bad. Had a some issues with it, but could recommend it to certain tastes…
3.5 ⭐ – Would recommend it even if it was not totally for me, it was enjoyable enough, but wanted more out of it.
4 ⭐ – Really enjoyed it, but I wanted a bit more out of it. I will most probably read it again. Minimally problematic. I would recommend it.
4.5 ⭐ – I absolutely loved it, but it didn’t blew my world.
5 ⭐ – OMG it blew me world and absolutely loved it; new favourite! Thinking of it often.

Hope this makes sense. It’s my first attempt at getting more systematic in my reviews so it would be easier to understand where and how the rating happened. If you have ideas and suggestions, I am looking forward to read these in your comments down below.