Review policy & Contact

Hello my lovelies,

I am currently accepting physical book copies ONLY for review considerations. Please sent me an email with:

  1. Email subject: Title of the book – the genre
  2. Email body: Book cover, blurb (as I want to have an idea what I’ll be reading about), the book or link towards the book, writer’s/publisher’s social media accounts for promo!

I am interested in:

  • fantasy
  • romance/ paranormal
  • dystopian/apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic

You can email me so I can provide you with address details (UK address)!

That’s all. Please don’t just send a generic email as it makes me less inclined to give it attention. I am requesting this specific format so I can sift through my emails quicker as I get swamped. Thank you.

Remember that this is my personal blog and I am not a professional book reviewer, I do this because 1. I love books, 2. I want people to know what I read and the gems that I find. I also might not have the chance to read your book as I receive a lot of requests and my time is limited. There is also the chance that I will not like your book, but I will be honest in what I liked/didn’t like and why!

Looking forward to read you,



10 thoughts on “Review policy & Contact

  1. Review request: The Ballad of Sara Zane

    Dear Jane:

    Please find attached a pdf of my ebook THE BALLAD OF SARA ZANE by Mike Davis, the first installment in the Shawn McQueen trilogy, a romantic adventure and currently available at .
    Ballad is the story of two surfers, a brahma bull rider and a country western singer who all learn that sometimes you just have to believe. It traces the life of an orphaned young country western singer who has never known her parents or background and through a seemingly unrelated and unlikely sequence of events is finally united with her maternal grandparents half a continent away.
    As Ballad ploughs its furrow through post World War II America, it exposes the dirt beneath revealing those who’ve fallen through the cracks: real people searching for faith in a netherworld devoid of hope and promise, reason or purpose. Currently inhabiting that diaphanous, gravity bereft state are: bullrider RJ Tibbs, singer Gina Zane and surfer Shawn McQueen – All young and lost and all alone. Each attesting that God does not exist until the intervention of Dale Velzy, surfer, cowboy, and merchant seaman – A true free spirit and a mysterious medicine man known as Smoke who travels the ancient game trails, restoring and maintaining the ‘Sacred Harmony’.
    Ballad is an adventure of epic proportions that bucks, slides, hitches, drinks, fights and loves its way across America, Australia, Vietnam and all points in between – An odyssey of longing and belonging.
    As a love story it explores filial, parental and romantic manifestations of the world’s only renewable resource – Love. Feel the elation, suffer the pain, experience the joy and tremble with forbidden pleasures as they discover the passions of young love.
    Reduced to its rudimentary components, it’s a heart-rending account of pathos, passion and circumstance splashed into an uncertain, often violent vortex, condensed further by time and serendipity until all that remains is the vaporous residue that constitutes life’s most basic essence: Our reason to be.
    If you require anything more, feel free to contact me or go to my website .
    I look forward to hearing from you soonest.

    Kindest regards
    Mike Davis


  2. Hi,

    I found your blog through Indie Book Reviewers website and got hooked to your posts. Great job with the blog 🙂

    I’m Isha, a close associate of Ritoban – an entrepreneur turned author, and his debut fiction novel is live on Kindle and is doing well.

    I noticed your book reviews, and was wondering if you could do us a huge favour and write one for Ritoban’s book:

    Looking forward to hearing back from you 🙂

    Isha Sharma.


  3. Thank you. I do what I can. I had a little more free time to read, but now I am going back on my lectures. I soon as I finish, I’ll be back on track. thank you.


  4. Hi,

    I visit your blogs and read some parts of it and thought you made some really great points. If you have a chance, please read and review my book if you are interested, titled ” Enter The Monkey”. Enter The Monkey is an exquisitely and often painfully soul-baring true life story. I think it might be of interest to your readers.If you do please let me know.



  5. Hello Prince,

    sure, send it over and I’ll give it a read. Thank you. I prefer to be a tough bitch, but honest. I never lie and my opinions come from constant reading. I love books 😉


  6. Great blog. Good luck with University. If your circumstances ever change, feel free to check out the blog or read a sample chapter at You could contact me there if so. Again, thanks and best of luck to you.


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